Modular Furniture Office Elite Services, Inc.OFFICE ELITE SERVICES, INC. provides full-service modular furniture installation services in Miami and South Florida with exceptional project management. We keep the process efficient and streamlined, minimizing disruptions and maintaining productivity levels throughout the moving and installation experience. Our customized project management is designed to meet each of our client's unique needs. We have expertise in reconfiguring and installing all major brands, including Herman Miller, Steelcase and many more.

Together we’ll create a truly flexible layout with our office furniture that can change and grow with your company. We can guide the development of a flexible and adaptable space that improves communication and fosters innovation. We can help you create an inviting environment where your people can thrive.

Our office furniture comes in various shapes and sizes to match your needs and budget. Office design consultation is available, free of charge. We also offer Systems Furniture, Modular Furniture, Filing Storages, Office Panels, Cubicles, Lobby Accessories, Office Desks and Chairs, Conference Tables and Reception Furniture.

We Are Call Center Experts.

Unique Modular Office Furniture designs.We can help you create a contemporary and stylish decor that will give your business a unique look while maximizing floor capacity. Our professional staff can assist you in choosing a combination that suits your needs , and they will make the entire process a breeze.

Our company is located in Miami Gardens, Florida. We are fast becoming the premier modular furniture and office space design provider in our area. We have provided services for schools, goverment offices, hospitals, condominiums, car dealers, cruise lines, stores, airports, insurance offices, porwer plants, health clinics and much more. Some of our clients include: US Army, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Lexus, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Carnival Cruise Lines and Home Depot. We have worked with dealers such as Thomas Ruff, Appricot, M. Hanson and many others.

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  • Instalation of new systems.
  • Reconfiguration of existing systems.
  • Wood Casing Products.
  • Seating for Courthouse, Restaurants, Auditoriums, etc.
  • Lockers for schools and libraries.
  • Relocation, Delivery and Storage.
  • Emergency Services

There are countless benefits of incorporating modular furniture into the design of your business. Utilizing Office Elite Services, Inc. modular furniture expertise may reduce cost and better accommodate your staff and clients.


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